Harold Palmer and Tom Palmer

Established in 1946, Cast Iron Welding have a wealth of experience in the gas weld repair of cast iron.

Who are Cast Iron Welding Services? Cast Iron Welding services began in 1946 with two brothers Harold & Tom Palmer. Together they developed the process and the flux for gas fusion welding of cast iron. From the creation of Cast Iron Welding Services in 1946,  We are continuously working alongside classification societies to progress the development of welding Cast iron, this is crucial to maintain welding classifications for the new higher specification cast iron grades. what we do best and our specialty. To achieve a successful Cast Iron Repair via gas fusion welding, Cast Iron Welding Services utilise their unique Gas Fusion weld repair process to a high standard. Weld repairs to cast iron components include: cast iron cylinder heads,exhaust manifolds, engine blocks, spheroidal graphite, turbocharger casings, valve bodies, gearboxes, pump housings, Electric motors, flanges etc. We repair cast iron products of, flake iron, and Ni-Resist materials.

Phone: +44(0)1530 811 308

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