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Richard Hammond uses Cast Iron Welding Services for Classic Car Restoration

Richard Hammond Visits Cast Iron Welding Services

By Classic & Vintage Cars, Heritage
Richard Hammond uses Cast Iron Welding Services for Classic Car Restoration

We’re quite used to seeing famous classic cars and vintage engines at our Cast Iron Welding Services workshop. However, we were excited to add a famous face to our guestbook when Richard Hammond visited earlier this year. One of the UK’s best-known motoring TV personalities, Hammond dropped by while filming his new show “Richard Hammond’s Workshop” for Discovery +.

Cast Iron Welding Services on Richard Hammond’s Workshop

The former Top Gear and The Grand Tour star will set off without his regular co-hosts James May and Jeremy Clarkson and open his own classic car restoration business, named The Smallest Cog. The six-part series gives viewers a look into the fascinating world of classic car restoration and follows Richard as he tries to get his new venture off the ground.

One of the first challenges met by Richard and his team was restoring a classic 70’s supercar. Hammond came to our experts at Cast Iron Welding Services when he discovered a large crack in the cast iron V8 engine block. As leaders in cast iron engine repairs, we were delighted to assist the petrolhead presenter by completing the repair work. Our expertise allowed us to help Richard get a fantastic piece of automotive history back on the road and driving better than ever.

Cast Iron Welding Services vintage and classic car restoration

Vintage and classic vehicle restoration is a rapidly growing industry. As time passes, these beautiful pieces of history suffer from wear and tear and the negative effects of ageing. At Cast Iron Welding Services we have proven ourselves to be the best cast iron welders in the business for classic car restoration. As a result, we have seen our businesses boosted by celebrity and media interest, as well as partnerships with large restoration organisations.

Our Managing Director, Peter Palmer, said: “It was pretty exciting for us really… We were also on the Yesterday channel on Monday as part of a film of the restoration of the North Bridge.”

Cast iron engine block welding experts

Our expertise in welding and repairing cracked and damaged cast-iron engine blocks, gearbox casings, cylinder heads and exhaust manifolds can vastly extend the life of your vintage vehicle. Our engineers can also repair many other classic car parts, including any damage caused by frost. With many years of industry-leading restoration experience, it is no surprise that we are being recognised by the TV world and famous faces like Richard Hammond.

History and heritage at Cast Iron Welding Services

At Cast Iron Welding Services, we have a strong affinity with Richard’s journey into the classic car restoration world. Hammond was inspired to undertake this challenge by memories of his grandfather, who became a coachbuilder after World War II and spent his life working in Birmingham and West Bromwich. Richard wants to follow in his footsteps and work with classic vehicles himself.

As a company founded by two brothers back in 1946, we felt an instant kinship with Richard’s family heritage. Over many years we have perfected our methodology for gas-fusion welding for cast-iron engine blocks, making us the perfect choice for classic vehicle restoration. With such closely linked history, it is no surprise that Hammond chose us for his restoration work, just like so many discerning classic car owners have done in the past.

Richard Hammond uses Cast Iron Welding Services for Classic Car Restoration and meets the team
Richard Hammond recommends and uses Cast Iron Welding Services for Engine Block Repairs and Restoration

Cast Iron Welding Services cast iron restoration experts

It’s not just classic cars that our cast iron welding expertise applies to. As seen on the Yesterday channel’s Great British Landmark Fixers, we also offer Heritage Restoration repairs that preserve historic cast iron architecture. In the episode, Cast Iron Welding Services joined a hand-picked team of specialists to restore Edinburgh’s historic North Bridge. Our renowned cast iron restoration process was instrumental in getting the structure back to its former glory.

Cast iron has been historically used for both structural and ornamental building purposes. However, much like with classic car components, many of these structures have fallen into disrepair and need expert restoration. This is particularly true of structures built in the Victorian era, as they have been exposed to the elements for longer. Our dedicated engineers use their expertise to keep history alive with the restoration of both classic cars and historic structures.

If your vintage car or classic cast iron structure could benefit from expert restoration, contact the Cast Iron Welding Services engineers today.

Reducing Carbon Footprint for Cylinder Head Repairs in New Zealand

Reducing the Carbon Footprint for Cylinder Head Repairs in New Zealand

By Industry, Marine

Cast Iron Welding Services are looking forward to taking receipt of our first cylinder head repair from New Zealand for remanufacture, it just demonstrates that even though the cylinder head is travelling that distance it still makes it cost effective for the customer.

Reducing Carbon Footprint for Cylinder Head Repairs in New Zealand

From an environmental prospective we factored in our circular economy calculations, a cylinder head travelling from the other side of the world and we still had a significant carbon reduction. Not only are we saving the customer money we are helping them to reduce their carbon footprint with cylinder head repairs.

Marie Palmer‘s Video Transcript as part of the Directors Diaries:

“Hi everyone, we’ve been very busy again. I wanted to talk today about the confirmation for the latest arrival we’ve had for a cylinder head repair coming all the way from New Zealand. I’m really pleased about this one as it just demonstrates and reinforces we’re still cost effective with a customer having to send a repair to the other side of the world. The team here in the cast iron welding repair shop Leicester UK are really excited to get this processed before returning it to the customer efficiently fully repaired. We should see many more of these from that region, we have fantastic relationships with our friends and customers in New Zealand. We’re always talking about  carbon emissions and carbon footprint, obviously  when we carried our our Cylinder Head Repair life cycle assessment we wanted to ensure we’d included all the different scenarios and we did factor in a cylinder head coming from the other side of the world which means the results from that report do allow for this and are highly accurate. Not only is it cost effective for the customer but it’s also helping to reduce the carbon footprint within the cylinder head repair industry. I look forward to catching up with you all again soon. “

Side view of the wrought Iron fanlight restoration done at a stately home in Norfolk

Wrought Iron Fanlight Window Restoration: Tips and Insights

By Heritage

Cast Iron Welding Services are happy to update on a heritage restoration project we had been working on a few weeks ago, you may have seen we posted a while back about the Samuel Wyatt Vinery at Holkham Hall in Norfolk project.  The main contractor for the project being Messenger BCR Group.  We restored the cast iron supports and arch braces together with restoring a fanlight which is a beautiful wrought iron and lead window placement.

Holkham Hall Vinery Cast Iron Welding Restoration Project

We have just received feedback from our client to confirm the window has been put back in situ and in their words “it looks fantastic! Please pass on our thanks to the team for their hard work”

We are so pleased to have a happy client and to see the end result of our teams hard work.  We always share with the team when we receive positive feedback as it is so important for the team to see the results of their efforts.  Feedback like this makes all the difference.

Front view of the wrought Iron fanlight restoration done at a stately home in Norfolk
Side view of the wrought Iron fanlight restoration done at a stately home in Norfolk

Marie Palmer‘s Video Transcript as part of the Directors Diaries:

“Hi everyone, today we want to catch up regarding a recent project at Holkham Hall in Norfolk we did for the Samuel Wyatt Vinery. We repaired some cast irons supports and also sorted the fanlight window placement that sits at the top of the building. It’s actually now being put back into situ, the client has sent us finished result photographs as they’re so happy. It’s fantastic to hear the positive customer feedback. It’s not a common repair, it’s very unique and a rare, delicate request – the finished result looks amazing and it’s nice that we’ve got a very happy client again. “

Cast Iron Welding Services grow Business in Mexico and the UK

Continued Business Growth from Our Mexico Branch

By Industry

Our Cast Iron Welding Services Mexico branch have had some positive news this week, there are some fantastic projects going through the workshop at the moment and some exciting future projects on the horizon. The Mexico branch continue to grow with great results.

Cast Iron Welding Services grow Business in Mexico and the UK

Its great to see the results of everyone’s hard work particularly given the last 18 months everyone is working so hard and it’s nice to see the rewards. Cast Iron Welding Services are thankful for working with such a dedicated team in Mexico and we are proud to have partnered with likeminded people, which will ultimately ensure the art of welding cast iron will continue for generations to come

Cast Iron Welding Services grow Business Mexico Branch Equipment Examples
Cast Iron Welding Services grow Business Mexico Branch Cylinder Head Repairs
Cast Iron Welding Services grow Business Mexico Branch in the Workshop
Cast Iron Welding Services grow Business Mexico Branch Entrance to the Workshop

Marie Palmer‘s Video Transcript as part of the Directors Diaries:

“Hi everyone, we’ve had another busy week globally within Cast Iron Welding Services having had one of our regular Microsoft Teams meetings with our Mexico branch. We we’re going through all the current projects that are running through their workshop but also planning future projects that are coming in. There are so many positive things happening there and I’m really pleased with the teams. It just goes to show how hard everyone has worked over the last 18 months and its great to have partners that are as enthusiastic about what we do and is committed to achieving the high standards and the quality that we aim to deliver. I will update you over the next few months about some of these big projects and share some content. Well done team Mexico!”

Vintage car cast iron welding repairs

Vintage and Classic Cars Welding Services at The Historic Vehicle Rally

By Classic & Vintage Cars

Cast Iron Welding Services have been out and about and managed to attend an Historic Vehicle Rally. We were really pleased the event went ahead as its been such a long time since we have been able to attend exhibitions. So we decided to get back out there. 

Welding vintage and classic cars with cast iron gas fusion welding

Cast Iron Welding Services restore vintage and classic vehicle cylinder heads, blocks and manifolds to name a few and it was so nice to be able to showcase what we can do. We made some great connections and have plans to attend more shows in the future. The reason these events are so enjoyable are that the people who attend are enthusiasts and they love the fact that what we do ensures they can retain and restore original components.


As it was quite a last minute decision to attend particularly because of the uncertainty the last year has caused in whether events would go ahead or not we needed some last minute design work for our marketing material, thankfully we work with Digital Media Partner on all our marketing and digital projects so when I contacted them with our requirements they dealt with the request straightway meaning we managed to meet our printing deadline. Having good relationships with your suppliers is so important.

Marie Palmer‘s Video Transcript as part of the Directors Diaries:

“Hi everyone, today I wanted to talk a bit about another part of the business relating to classic and vintage cars, we attended the Historical Vehicles rally at Newby Hall you may have seen Cast Iron Welding Services Andy Statham with the cars we were exhibiting there. It was good to be back out and promoting the business in person since COVID. We attended on the Sunday with our own stand and managed to take an example cylinder head to show the before and after so there was something visual for people to see. There was a fantastic response and we made a lot of really good contacts.


In preparation for the exhibition it was a very last minute decision as most events are with COVID, so we needed to quickly organise banners and marketing material for the event. We work with Digital Media Partner and their graphic designer James was able to jump onto the job very quickly and managed to get the designs drawn up and over to the supplier. There was a  really short lead time and we needed to get the information over to them in time for the exhibition. Thankfully it all went to plan and looked amazing, we were really pleased with the quality of the work they produced, the end result we were really pleased with. I would highly recommend them if you’re looking for web, SEO, graphic design or marketing services – I will make sure they’re tagged into this post. There’s a lot going on at the moment, I will be updating all the other business activity next week. “

Industry steel casting welding project

The Best Cast Iron Welders in the Business

By Industry, Steel Welding

Our welding team are the best in the business – They work so hard and we’re always amazed at the results. Cast Iron Welding Services welding team are currently working on site repairing a 25 tonne steel casting. People may not be aware that although we are cast iron welding specialists we also have experience in welding large heavy industry castings of steel and cast iron and we have worked on a number of projects over the years.

Being a skilled cast iron welder they find it easy to transfer those skills to welding large steel components. Now these projects are not for the faint hearted and the team work tremendously hard to achieve a quality repair and always take pride in the workmanship. It’s amazing what can be achieved with pure determination and the attitude of not giving up.

Industry steel casting welding project

Whilst we take pride in all the projects Cast Iron Welding Services are involved in whether it is a cylinder head from a power station or vessel or a vintage car block, I have to say the heritage projects are ones that I love being involved in and playing a small part in helping to restore and retain some of our historical buildings and structures.

Marie Palmer‘s Video Transcript as part of the Directors Diaries:

“Hi everyone, it’s been busy here, I wanted to talk today about a different project our MD and welding team are working on on-site. As you know we specialise in cast iron welding but from time to time we are called in to work on heavy industry steel casting equipment. At the moment we are working on a 25 tonne steel casting, we’ve had equipment supplied to us from TPS – They’re currently on-site working on that.

We’ve been involved in a number of industry repairs and breakdowns relating to steel castings and they’re always a challenge but our welding team always like to be tested. It’s good with the extensive skills of welding cast iron our team find it easy to adapt to welding large steel castings as well. I look forward to seeing the before’ s and afters and I’ve seen a lot of photographs throughout the process – I’m still amazed at the things our talented team can achieve after fantastic training. I’m looking forward to seeing the project results. I will keep you updated and share them on this page”