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Marine Cylinder Head Repairs,
Reconditioning & Remanufacture

Cylinder head repairs recycling89.4% Saving on Carbon Emmisions

Medium Speed Liquid Fuel and Gas
Engines… Cylinder Head Remanufacture
The most common problem that we see in our workshop is
corroded Exhaust Valve Seat Pockets.

Repairing a cylinder head with cast iron welding gas fusion techniques
Cylinder head repairs with welding

Pockets rebuilt and restored to standard size.

Various Casting Remanufacture

Cast Iron Welding Services can carry out high quality restoration to any type,
shape or size of casting , these pictures demonstrate the
varied types of cast iron components we restore on a
daily basis.

Examples of cylinder head casting component welding repairs
High quality cylinder head restoration welding repair examples

Remanufacturing can save
up to 75% of the cost of a new
replacement component.

Turbocharger Gas Outlet
Casing Remanufacture

Gas – Corrosion and Erosion
Thermal – Fractures and Cracks
Turbocharger Gas Inlet Casing Weld Remanufacture

The preperation of a ships cylinder head for welding repairs
Cracked cylinder heads being welded and repaired
reparing a ships cylinder head with welding gas fusion process
ISO approved cylinder head cast iron welding repairs in the UK