Gas fusion welding of cast iron ensures a homogeneous stress free weld repair with improved metallurgical and machining properties compared to those of the parent metal.

All castings are pre-heated at a controlled rate until the optimum welding temperature is reached. Whilst the entire component is maintained at this temperature, the area to be repaired is then subject to the application of intense localised heat bringing it to a fluid state. The welding operative maintains a molten pool of the base metal into which is fed a carefully selected, own manufacture, cast iron filler material of the same grade. Controlled cooling from the fluid state to ambient temperature ensures a stress free homogeneous weld repair.

These examples of welded sections magnified 105 times illustrate the integrity of the weld interface of flake and spheroidal graphite irons.

Cast Iron Welding Process Gas Fusion


Rebuilt spigot of a PC 2.5 Cylinder Cover
This picture shows the integrity of the weld deposit and parent material after machining.

Cast Iron Wleding Process Parent Metal Weld Metal

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