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Heritage Restoration
Casting Repairs

Cast Iron Welding Services Offer First Class Restoration and Conservation of Buildings and Heritage Installations Around The World To Preserve Our History and Heritage.

Cast Iron Welding Services are aware that the use of cast iron in architecture was very popular during the Victorian era within the UK. Cast iron was used for both both structural and ornamental purposes, ranging from cast iron pillars, decorative facades, bridge supports and band stands etc to cast iron street furniture, fountains, chimney caps, fences, gates and sluice installations etc. Cast Iron Welding Services ensure the use of cast iron helps on historical sites is properly maintained when requested utilising cast iron in the construction of these old components and preserving them for future generations to enjoy.

We successfully restore cast iron elements to heritage sites across the world

Stately home heritage site in need of cast iron welding repairs on cast iron gates
cast iron welding services welder repairing cast iron gates from national trust site
cast iron welding repairs on cast iron gates from stately home national trust site
Stately Home Gates having cast iron welding repairs
The cast iron welding repair process taking cast iron gates from a stately home national trust site in the UK

Shrewsbury Bridge Cast Iron Repairs

We were asked by the caretaker’s of Kingsland Bridge if we could repair the cast iron Rosettes on the hand rails running across the footpath of the bridge.

When we received the Rosettes into our workshop it was clear to see they had split into two parts from age and exposure to the British elements for many years. CIWS prepared the sections for welding and using our unique FusionCast™ process fused the sections back together . Once cool the Rosettes pattern was recreated for painting and re-installing.

Cast Iron Welding Services complete a heritage welding repair on the famous Shrewsbury bridge in England UK