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Industrial & Pump
Casting Repairs

Cast Iron Welding Services Offer First Class Industrial Casting Repairs and Refurbishment To Leading Companies Worldwide

Cast Iron is used in variety of cast iron components throughout industry, these industrial components range from smaller cast iron brackets, Stator bodies, flanges, and portable industrial machines and machinery etc. To large capital plants like, presses, valve bodies, gearboxes, pump housings, compressor heads, machine tools etc. Companies can be at risk if they leave industrial equipment un-maintained as weld repairs to broken, corroded and fractured cast iron parts, reduce running, maintenance and downtime costs.

Cast Iron Welding Services are aware that impellers can crack or develop cracks with them as well as severe corrosion on the blades badly affecting performance and business. The gas fusion welding process Cast Iron Welding Services use builds up the impellers and machines them back to the original profile. The Pump housing suffering from severe corrosion on bearing surfaces and joint faces are also built via the gas fusion welding process and are machined back to their original size. An ideal repair process when pump components are obsolete or when new components have long delivery times, provided and entrusted only by Cast Iron Welding Services.

We successfully maintain industrial components in all applications

Industrial pump cast iron welding repair examples from different applications worldwide

Remanufacturing can save
up to 75% of the cost of a new
replacement component.

Although our core business is remanufacturing Cylinder Heads & Turbocharger casings, here is a ‘manipulator’ casing.

Manipulator Iron Casing with Cracks after a third party repair attempt failed
Manipulator iron casing has been broken into several components to be welded back together again via the gas fusion process
Fully welded and restored manipulator casing via the gas fusion process with a full warranty