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With English heritage and still providing UK jobs.

Established in 1946

Established in 1946, Cast Iron Welding Services have a wealth of experience in the gas fusion weld repair of cast iron components

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Cast Iron Welding Services Ltd

Cast Iron Welding Services work predominantly in the marine engine industry, our casting repair skills are in high demand for repair and for an increasing amount of heritage castings in the form of architectural, steam and vintage vehicle components. Typical problems dealt with are mechanical damage, fractures, erosion and cracks. Components are dismantled, cleaned, crack tested and hydraulically tested to 10 bar. Critical dimensions are recorded and a detailed inspection report together with a fixed price quotation is submitted to the customer for approval.


Marine Casting Repair and Refurbishment
Cast Iron Welding Services are used because of their professional approach and years of experience by the leading manufacturers of marine diesel engines such as: Wartsila, MAN, MaK, Pielstick, Sulzer, Stork, Deutz, Niigata, Rolls Royce, Hanshin, Mirrlees, B&W, ABB, Napier etc. There is a frequent need for cast iron repairs by chip engineers for maintaining the most popular and powerful ships around the world. We at Cast Iron Welding Services repair cylinder heads, cylinder covers, turbocharger casings, liners, exhaust housings, valve cages, exhaust manifolds and gypsy chain wheels for all these main companies and more, providing ships with the best possible component repairs, keeping them going and keeping the companies coming back to Cast Iron Welding Services for ongoing repairs. Classification approved gas fusion weld repairs of cast iron components is our specialty, we’re a company that can be trusted as proved with our approval certificates from all the leading bodies. Cast Iron Welding Services are the first choice for Marine Casting Repairs and Refurbishment. Read More…
Pump Repairs & Industrial Casting
Cast Iron Welding Services use a variety of cast iron components throughout industry, these industrial components range from smaller cast iron brackets, Stator bodies, flanges, and portable industrial machines and machinery etc. To large capital plants like, presses, valve bodies, gearboxes, pump housings, compressor heads, machine tools etc. Companies can be at risk if they leave industrial equipment un-maintained as weld repairs to broken, corroded and fractured cast iron parts, reduce running, maintenance and downtime costs.

Cast Iron Welding Services are aware that impellers can crack or develop cracks with them as well as severe corrosion on the blades badly affecting performance and business. The gas fusion welding process Cast Iron Welding Services use builds up the impellers and machines them back to the original profile. The Pump housing suffering from severe corrosion on bearing surfaces and joint faces are also built via the gas fusion welding process and are machined back to their original size. An ideal repair process when pump components are obsolete or when new components have long delivery times, provided and entrusted only by Cast Iron Welding Services. Read More…

Restoration and Conservation of Buildings and Heritage Installations
Cast Iron Welding Services are aware that the use of cast iron in architecture was very popular during the Victorian era within the UK. Cast iron was used for both both structural and ornamental purposes, ranging from cast iron pillars, decorative facades, bridge supports and band stands etc to cast iron street furniture, fountains, chimney caps, fences, gates and sluice installations etc. Cast Iron Welding Services ensure the use of cast iron helps on historical sites is properly maintained when requested utilising cast iron in the construction of these old components and preserving them for future generations to enjoy. Read More…
Power Generation Casting Repair and Refurbishment
Cast iron welding services know that cast iron and some Ni-Resist materials are used in the manufacture of pumps, gearboxes, pipes, valve housings, flanges, turbine housings, cylinder heads, turbocharger casings, blowers, crushers, liners, engine blocks, manifolds, bearing pedestals etc. Because cast iron welding services know this we are able to help keep the lights on! Cast Iron Welding Services Ltd are THE specialists in welding cast iron and help maintain the components for the leading power companies to ensure the UK and the world have power every day. Read More…
Steam Locomotive and Traction Engine Casting Repairs
Cast iron welding services are more than aware of the fact cast iron was used almost exclusively in the manufacturing of steam engines be they used for locomotion or stationary duties. Cast iron weld via gas fusion repairs to steam chests, chimney stacks, cylinder blocks, steam inlet and outlet ports, PTO units, flywheels, and pulleys etc. Help to keep these relics of a bygone era on the straight and not so narrow! Read More…
Veteran, Vintage and Classic Motor Vehicles Casting Repairs
Cast Iron Welding Services conduct the welding of corroded and cracked cast iron engine blocks, cylinder heads, exhaust manifolds and gear box casings enhances and extends the life of these rare, select and venerable machines. Cast Iron Welding Services undertake weld repair by rebuilding of valve seats, manifold lugs and bearing locations etc. In addition to cracks due to frost and mechanical damage. Read More…

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