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Experience and Expertise in Cast Iron Welding Services

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For over 70 years, Cast Iron Welding Services has been the trusted partner for working with and repairing cast iron. Our expertise spans diverse sectors, including Marine/Power Generation, Heritage Architectural Ironwork, and enthusiasts devoted to preserving classic and vintage engines with authenticity.

Our proficiency in cast iron repair is built upon years of dedicated hands-on experience, backed by industry accreditations and warranties. We collaborate closely with foundry metallurgists and classification societies to ensure warranty and full accreditation for our services.

No project is too big or too small for us. Whether it’s a broken manifold lug or a massive diesel marine engine block, we are eager to tackle any cast iron challenge. Count on Cast Iron Welding Services for reliable and professional solutions in cast iron welding and weld repair of cast iron components. Trust our expertise and choose our trusted services for all your cast iron welding needs.

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Marine & Power Generation

Cast Iron Welding Services revolutionised the use of gas fusion welding for marine engine components over 30 years ago. Our innovative remanufacturing method offers a cost-effective alternative to buying expensive new parts or risky second-hand ones. We specialise in remanufacturing cylinder heads with a combustion face diameter of 200mm or more, approved by major IACS classification societies and backed by our own 12-month guarantee. With savings ranging from 25 to 70 percent compared to new replacements, our process is trusted and utilised by renowned ship owners, technical management companies, spare parts suppliers, and major engine builders worldwide.

Our gas fusion process is exceptionally versatile, capable of recovering cracked, eroded, mechanically damaged, poorly repaired, or seat pocket oversized cylinder heads. Remanufactured cylinder heads are meticulously fitted with new parts like valve seats, valve guides, injector sleeves, and guide bolts, using only original or OEM specification components. We can also perform complete rocker side build-up upon request. After a thorough pressure test, your cylinder head is painted in your desired colour and protected against corrosion during transit and storage. We ensure safe delivery to your chosen location, be it a warehouse, repair shop, port, or vessel anywhere in the world.

Restoring Vintage & Classic Vehicle Castings with Long-Lasting Repairs

Cast Iron Welding Services specialises in repairing cast iron components for vintage and classic vehicles. Our expert welding techniques revive corroded and cracked engine blocks, cylinder heads, exhaust manifolds, and gearbox casings, ensuring the longevity of these precious and esteemed machines. With our services, you can trust that your vehicle’s castings will be meticulously repaired, including the rebuilding of valve seats, manifold lugs, bearing locations, and addressing cracks caused by frost or mechanical damage.

We take pride in our work and stand behind it with confidence. That’s why all our classic vehicle casting repair projects come with an impressive 2-year warranty. Entrust your vintage and classic vehicles to Cast Iron Welding Services for exceptional repairs that bring back their original charm and durability.

High-Quality Repairs and Refurbishment for Industrial & Pump Castings

Cast Iron Welding Services proudly offers superior repairs and refurbishment for industrial castings, serving leading companies worldwide. Cast iron is widely used in various industrial components, ranging from brackets, stator bodies, flanges, and portable machines to large-scale capital plants such as presses, valve bodies, gearboxes, pump housings, compressor heads, and machine tools. It is crucial for companies to prioritise maintenance and timely weld repairs for broken, corroded, or fractured cast iron parts to minimise running, maintenance, and downtime costs.

At Cast Iron Welding Services, we understand the challenges faced by industries, especially when it comes to impellers. Cracks and severe corrosion on the blades can significantly impact performance and business operations. Our gas fusion welding process enables us to build up and machine impellers back to their original profile, ensuring optimal functionality. Additionally, we specialise in repairing pump housings affected by severe corrosion on bearing surfaces and joint faces. Through our gas fusion welding process, we rebuild and machine them to their original size. This repair process is ideal for obsolete pump components or situations where new components have lengthy delivery times. Trust Cast Iron Welding Services for these specialised repairs, as we deliver unmatched expertise and reliability.

Preserving Heritage and Architectural Treasures through Superior Casting Repairs

Cast Iron Welding Services is dedicated to the first-class restoration and conservation of buildings and heritage installations worldwide. We understand the significance of preserving our history and cultural heritage for future generations to cherish. Throughout the Victorian era in the UK, cast iron played a prominent role in architecture, both structurally and ornamentally. From cast iron pillars, decorative facades, bridge supports, and bandstands to street furniture, fountains, chimney caps, fences, gates, and sluice installations, cast iron was widely utilised.

At Cast Iron Welding Services, we recognise the importance of properly maintaining the use of cast iron in historical sites. We specialise in constructing and repairing old components using cast iron, ensuring their longevity and safeguarding their historical value. Our expert team is committed to preserving these architectural treasures, allowing their beauty and heritage to endure.

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Trust Cast Iron Welding Services to provide exceptional casting repairs that honour the past and contribute to the preservation of our architectural legacy.

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