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Cast Iron Welding Services

Gas fusion welding requires the composition of the iron in the damaged component to be analysed, enabling bespoke filler rods to be cast to achieve the repair. A custom-built furnace is constructed around the component within which the welding takes place. Heat is applied gradually to allow the furnace to reach a temperature of 5800c at which point the metal around the repair is melted and the filler rods fill the damaged area. The component is cooled gradually and the repair evaluated.

The damaged areas are ground out ready for gas fusion welding. The repair is then cleaned up ready for final machining and painting. The repaired components are bolted together and if necessary machined true. Finally each component is primed, rebuilt and measured for fit. The restored lamp stand was carefully lifted back into place. The balustrades are slotted into position
followed by the capping rail. The restored balustrade and lamp stand ready for final painting.

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