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Wartsila Cylinder Head Cast Iron Remanufacture

Cylinder head repairs recycling89.4% Saving on Carbon Emmisions

Wartsila 46 Cylinder Head Valve
Seat Pocket Remanufacture

The most common defective area required on the Wartsila
46 Cylinder Head is valve seat replacement, caused by
erosion from coolant leaking between the seat and pocket.
When the last oversize seat has been fitted and needs
replacement, the head is no longer serviceable.

Wartsila Cylinder Head Valve Seat pockets before repair from Cast Iron Welding Services
Wartsila Cylinder Head Valve Seat pockets after repair from Cast Iron Welding Services

Cast Iron Welding Services can rebuild the valve seat pockets, machine them to their original
dimensions and fit standard size valve seats as used on the head when new.

Wartsila 46 Cylinder Head Cross
Bore Cooling Channel

Some Wartsila 46 applications cause the cross bore cooling
channels in the flame plate to corrode, eventually damaging
the valve seat pockets. We remove the corroded areas
completely, rebuild the cooling channels and machine them
back to original dimensions.

Wartsila Cylinder Head 46 Head Bore Cooling Channel Remanufacture by Cast Iron Welding Services

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