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Cast Iron Welding Services Lloyd’s Registered

Why you should use Cast Iron Welding Services:

What is ISO 9001?
The internationally recognised quality management system standard, and the preferred solution for over half a million organisations in 159 countries.

Who can use ISO 9001?
One of the major strengths of ISO 9001 is its wider appeal for all types of organisation. Because it focuses on processes and customer satisfaction rather than procedures, it is equally applicable to service providers as well as manufacturers.

Benefits of ISO 9001
it gives you improved product, process and service quality.
it can increase customer satisfaction levels.
it can lead to improved productivity and less waste.
it may provide competitive advantage.
it gives a clear demonstration of your commitment to quality.
it enables you to work with the many organisations where it is a contractual obligation or expectation.
LRQA Services
Certification – We offer assessment and certification against ISO 9001.
Gap analysis & prelimenary assessments – We offer gap analysis, preliminary assessments to prepare you for certification.
Training – LRQA offer training which will prepare you and your staff before and after the certification process.

We can provide support and guidance for our clients looking to start on the route to a certified management system.

Regular surveillance visits and certificate renewal visits every three years make sure that your QMS continues to meet the requirements of the standard.

For more information visit the official Lloyds registered website: Click Here