Power Generation Casting Repair and Refurbishment

Refurbishing Cylinder Heads - Cast iron and cast steel is and has been used extensively by the leading manufacturers of marine diesel engines, Wartsila, MAN, MaK, Pielstick, Sulzer, Stork, Deutz, Niigata, Rolls Royce, Hanshin, Mirrlees, B&W, ABB, Napier. etc. to name but a few. The ship engineers need for cast iron repairs is ongoing and we at Cast Iron Welding Services repair cylinder heads, cylinder covers, turbocharger casings, liners, exhaust housings, valve cages, exhaust manifolds and gypsy chain wheels. Classification approved gas fusion weld repairs of cast iron components is our specialty.

Cast iron and some Ni-Resist materials may be used in the manufacture of pumps, gearboxes, pipes, valve housings, flanges, turbine housings, cylinder heads, turbocharger casings, blowers, crushers, liners, engine blocks, manifolds, bearing pedestals etc. Keep the lights on! Cast Iron Welding Services Ltd., THEspecialists in welding cast iron

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