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Restoring Victorian Cast Iron Railings

Victorian cast iron railing restoration

At Cast Iron Welding Services, we recently undertook a meticulous restoration project on a Victorian-era handrail in Lancashire. Situated atop a stone canal bridge, this aged handrail had succumbed to wear and tear, not only detracting from the area’s visual appeal but also posing a safety hazard to canal path visitors.

For over a century, these Victorian rails have played a significant role in the region’s aesthetic, holding immense heritage value. At Cast Iron Welding Services, we hold a deep reverence for heritage. With our establishment dating back to 1947, our skilled welding team understands the importance of preserving history.

Yet, history is prone to deterioration—wearing, rusting, and fading away. At Cast Iron Welding Services, we possess both the expertise and the passion to ensure that remarkable cast iron relics endure far into the future. Through our heritage restoration services, numerous historic landmarks have retained their exceptional beauty and timeless grandeur.

Our meticulous cast iron restoration process

Through years of unwavering dedication, we have refined our gas fusion welding process to perfection. This expertise instilled in us the confidence to restore the Victorian handrail to its former glory. Upon arrival at the site, the handrail appeared weathered, rusted, and severely damaged, barely resembling the striking cast iron structure it once was.

Notably, the handrail had completely detached from the supporting stone wall, while numerous cast iron support pillars lay broken. Given the area’s allure, attracting walkers, joggers, and cyclists, we recognized that safety held equal importance alongside restoring its aesthetic appeal.

With utmost care, we delicately freed this piece of historical metal to prevent any further harm. Once we painstakingly removed all remaining rails from the stonework and gathered the fractured pieces from the footpath below, we transported them back to Coalville to commence the restoration work.

Victorian cast iron railing ciws

Restoring the Majesty of History

Our skilled team of engineers embarked on the arduous task of meticulously restoring the damaged and corroded cast iron handrail to its former magnificence. Witnessing the resplendence of the past emerge from the rusted remnants of the present is always a gratifying experience. In this instance, the sturdy and historically significant Victorian cast iron revealed itself once again, triumphing over the corroded facade.

Upon completion of the comprehensive restoration process, we meticulously painted the iron with utmost care and devotion. With the handrail now restored to its utmost splendor, we proceeded to reinstall it in its rightful place, bringing joy to yet another satisfied client. We take immense pride in our work, but there is a special sense of fulfillment that accompanies the restoration of a historical treasure to its former glory, leaving us truly elated.

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