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Is Cast Iron Magnetic?

Is Cast Iron Magnetic?

By Facts & Guides

To understand magnetism, it’s important to understand the structure of a material. All substances are composed of atoms, each with a nucleus at its core. Orbiting around the nucleus are electrons, which carry an electric charge. In certain materials, electrons spin in various directions, resulting in a balanced atom with minimal magnetism. Examples of these materials include paper and cloth.

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Drop Forge Flywheel Repair

Drop Forge Flywheel Repair

By Heritage
Drop Hammer Gantry Flywheels for Repair

Fig 1. Drop Hammer Gantry (inverted) showing X2No. Flywheels in need of repair (#1 & #2)

Drop Forge Flywheel Repair

As part of the Black Country Living Museum’s (BCLM) ambitious Forging Ahead development project an Industrial Quarter will be created to reflect the region’s rich heritage in manufacturing.

A key part of this will be the recreation of Smith Edge Tools – a Drop Forge from Roway Lane, Oldbury which was most famous for manufacturing hammers up to 28lb.

BCLM collected the Drop Forge equipment from the site when it closed in the early 2000s including the gantry and motorised mechanism, stantions, anvil bases and tups (hammers) with the aspiration that these could be installed in a working forge at the museum.

The equipment has since been stored in an external compound awaiting restoration.

Forging Ahead has created the opportunity to repurpose the equipment which has recently been recovered from the compound and reviewed to understand what repair work is necessary.

It is apparent that X2No. Flywheels on the main drive shaft are in need of repair – being cracked and in some cases missing sections of the outer rim.

The flywheels are comprised of two semi-circular sections bolted together over the main shaft.

BCLM are seeking to have the flywheels repaired in readiness for the installation of the equipment in the recreated Smith Edge Tools.

Drop Hammer Restoration
Flywheel 1 - 2 section flywheel annotation.png

Fig 2. Flywheel #1
2 section flywheel (bolted together)
< 104cm diameter >
Width (total): 14.5cm approx.
Inner rim: 12cm approx.
Rim: 1cm approx. Drive shaft measures
32cm circumference (approx.)

Flywheel damage repair

Fig 2a. Flywheel #1
DETAIL of damage

Flywheel cracked damage

Fig 2b. Flywheel #1
DETAIL of damage

Flywheel 2 - 2 section flywheel annotation

Fig 3. Flywheel #2
2 section flywheel (bolted together)
< 104cm diameter >
Width (total): 11.7cm approx.
Inner rim: 8.6cm approx.
Rim: 1.4cm approx.
Drive shaft measures 28cm circumference (approx.)

Flywheel damage

Fig 3a. Flywheel #2
DETAIL of damage

Flywheel detail of damage

Fig 3b. Flywheel #2
DETAIL of damage

New Flywheel 2 section repaired
New Flywheel 2 sections repaired
Victorian cast iron railing restoration

Restoring Victorian Cast Iron Railings

By Heritage
Victorian cast iron railing restoration

At Cast Iron Welding Services, we recently performed expert restoration on a Victorian-era handrail in Lancashire. The old Victorian handrail was located at the top of a stone canal bridge and, as well as the wear and tear making the handrail an eyesore, it was posing a health risk to members of the public enjoying the canal path.

These Victorian rails have been a part of the aesthetic of the area for over 100 years and, as a result, are an important part of the heritage of Lancashire. At Cast Iron Welding Services, we take heritage seriously. We were founded in 1947, so all of our expert welding team know a thing or two about the importance of history.

The only problem with history is that it is prone to wearing, rusting and fading away. At Cast Iron Welding Services, we have the expertise and passion for ensuring that stunning pieces of cast iron history last long into the future. Our heritage restoration services have ensured that many historic landmarks maintain their unique beauty and sense of grandeur.

Victorian cast iron railing ciws
Victorian cast iron railing repairs
Victorian cast iron railing bridge repairs

Our cast iron restoration process

We have developed our gas fusion welding process over many years of dedication. Because of that, we were confident that we could get this Victorian handrail back to its very best. When we arrived on site, the handrail looked rusted and damaged and was barely recognisable as the striking cast iron structure that it once was.

The handrail was completely broken away from the stone wall that supports it. Many of the cast iron support pillars were also broken. With this area being incredibly beautiful and appealing to walkers, joggers and cyclists, safety was just as important as appearance with this restoration job.

We took great care to work this piece of historic metal free so that no further damage was done. Once we had completely removed all the remaining rails from the stonework and gathered all the broken pieces from the footpath below, we brought them back to Coalville for the restoration work to start.

Victorian cast iron railings
Victorian cast iron railings restoration

Our expert team of engineers then painstakingly restored the damaged and rusted cast iron handrail back to its former glory. Seeing the beauty of the past emerge from the rusted wreckage of the present is always a satisfying experience. And this was no different, with sturdy and historic Victorian cast iron soon emerging from beneath the rust.

Once completely restored, we painted the iron with care and dedication. With the handrail finally looking at its best, we installed it back in its home for yet another happy client. We’re always incredibly proud of our work, but when it comes to restoring a piece of history back to its former glory, we could not be happier.

Victorian cast iron railing bridge restoration
Victorian cast iron railing

Expert cast iron repair services

So much history and heritage have been crafted from cast iron. So, at Cast Iron Welding Services, we have made it our mission to ensure this history is with us for many years to come. Throughout history cast iron has been used to create stunning ornamental pieces as well as robust structures.

Unfortunately, as these cast iron creations have been battered by time and the elements, many have worn away and become a shadow of their former selves. The same can be said for classic car parts and other vintage products made of cast iron. Our team of expert engineers has honed the process of keeping history alive to a fine art. With restorations of vintage cars, historic structures and more, we are a one-stop shop for cast iron restoration.

Over the years we’ve developed a reputation for only the best restoration work. So much so that we were recently seen on TV helping Richard Hammond restore a classic car for his new show. We have also worked with the National Trust and other organisations dedicated to keeping historic landscapes looking at their inspirational best.

If you have a vintage car or piece of classic cast iron that needs professional restoration, contact Cast Iron Welding Services today. Our dedicated team will be able to offer expert advice and quotes for any type of cast iron restoration and repair. For more information on how Cast Iron Welding Services can help you, request a brochure.