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Classic Car Welding Restoration Services at The Historic Vehicle Rally

Welding vintage and classic cars with cast iron gas fusion welding

We attended a Historic Rally after the outbreak of Covid 19. As it was such a long time since we had attended any exhibitions, we were excited to get back out meeting and talking to people about our services.

Cast Iron Welding Services restore vintage and classic vehicle cylinder heads, blocks and manifolds to name a few and it was so nice to be able to showcase what we can do and the services we offer face to face. We made some great connections from the rally and we are planning to attend more shows in the future. The reason these events are so enjoyable is that the people who attend are enthusiasts and they love the fact that what we do ensures they can retain and restore original components to their former glory, without the need for inauthentic parts. We share a joint passion in classic car and heritage restoration.

Our decision to attend this particular rally was quite last minute, due to the uncertainty of events and exhibitions going ahead due to restrictions from the pandemic.

We needed some last-minute design work for our marketing material, thankfully we work with Digital Media Partner on all our marketing and digital projects so when I contacted them with our requirements they dealt with the request straightaway, allowing us to meet our printing deadline. Having good relationships with your suppliers is so important.

Preserving Vintage Cars Through Expert Cast Iron Welding

Classic cars, with their timeless elegance and historical significance, hold a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide. However, due to their unique composition and use of antiquated materials, these cars often require specialised repairs and restoration to bring them back to their former glory.

Professional restoration is essential to ensure that these classic cars and their rich history continue for generations. At Cast Iron Welding Services, we are dedicated to the meticulous process of welding corroded and cracked cast iron engine blocks, cylinder heads, exhaust manifolds, and gearbox casings. Our services not only enhance but also extend the lifespan of these rare machines.
Cast Iron Welding Services excels in weld repairs, addressing issues arising from frost damage and mechanical wear. Our mission is to preserve the legacy of vintage cars, allowing their beauty and historical significance to endure for years to come!

Marie Palmer‘s Video Transcript as part of the Directors Diaries:

Hi everyone, today I wanted to talk a bit about another part of the business relating to classic and vintage cars, we attended the Historical Vehicles rally at Newby Hall you may have seen Cast Iron Welding Services Andy Statham with the cars we were exhibiting there. It was good to be back out and promoting the business in person since COVID. We attended on the Sunday with our own stand and managed to take an example cylinder head to show the before and after so there was something visual for people to see. There was a fantastic response and we made a lot of really good contacts.
In preparation for the exhibition it was a very last minute decision as most events are with COVID, so we needed to quickly organise banners and marketing material for the event. We work with Digital Media Partner and their graphic designer James was able to jump onto the job very quickly and managed to get the designs drawn up and over to the supplier. There was a  really short lead time and we needed to get the information over to them in time for the exhibition. Thankfully it all went to plan and looked amazing, we were really pleased with the quality of the work they produced, the end result we were really pleased with. I would highly recommend them if you’re looking for web, SEO, graphic design or marketing services – I will make sure they’re tagged into this post. There’s a lot going on at the moment, I will be updating all the other business activity next week.

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