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Reducing Carbon Footprint for Cylinder Head Repairs in New Zealand

By October 4, 2021No Comments

Cast Iron Welding Services are looking forward to taking receipt of our first cylinder head repair from New Zealand for remanufacture, it just demonstrates that even though the cylinder head is travelling that distance it still makes it cost effective for the customer.

Reducing Carbon Footprint for Cylinder Head Repairs in New Zealand

From an environmental prospective we factored in our circular economy calculations, a cylinder head travelling from the other side of the world and we still had a significant carbon reduction. Not only are we saving the customer money we are helping them to reduce their carbon footprint with cylinder head repairs.

Marie Palmer‘s Video Transcript as part of the Directors Diaries:

“Hi everyone, today we want to catch up regarding a recent project at Holkham Hall in Norfolk we did for the Samuel Wyatt Vinery. We repaired some cast irons supports and also sorted the fanlight window placement that sits at the top of the building. It’s actually now being put back into situ, the client has sent us finished result photographs as they’re so happy. It’s fantastic to hear the positive customer feedback. It’s not a common repair, it’s very unique and a rare, delicate request – the finished result looks amazing and it’s nice that we’ve got a very happy client again. “